Ollysta Zadrian

Leader of Silver Crusade


A retired Pathfinder and human paladin of Sarenrae, coordinates the Silver Crusade’s operations out of the Temple of the Shining Star in the Ascendant Court when not teaching of the value of redemption and tending to the weak and needy. Ollysta originally joined the Pathfinder Society with the notion that she would be able to spread the word of the Dawnflower wherever she went, and would have ample opportunities to turn wrongdoers away from the path of evil, ever leading by example as she ventured to the far corners of Golarion doing the Decemvirate’s bidding. It didn’t take her long, however, to realize that the Pathfinder Society looked on her as simply another zealous adventurer, and offered little support for her efforts to stamp out evil and uplift the downtrodden. Now retired from active duty as a Pathfinder, Zadrian acts as the central figure in an ever-growing network of active Pathfinders who share her idealism and desire to see the Society used for the betterment of all.

As pertaining to the Resplendent Lodge, she is well aware of it’s existance, shrouding its activities from other parties, allowing Cephor to facilitate it’s operations in secret, providing assistance where needed.

Ollysta Zadrian

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