Gnome Trail Rations

Trail rations specifically catered to a gnome.


Price 2 gp
Weight 1 lb.

Almost any preserved food can be found in gnome trail
rations, which are designed to keep a wandering gnome
from needing to dine on the same meal twice in a week. If
you are a gnome who subsists on nothing but these rations
for at least 1 week, you are treated as being 1 Hit Die higher
for the purposes of spells and supernatural abilities that
have variable effects based on Hit Dice, such as color spray
and sleep. This does not actually improve your caster level,
character level, or Hit Dice in any other way. This benefit lasts
until you eat a meal other than the rations or go for a full day
without eating a day’s worth.


Gnome Trail Rations

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