Warding Box


Warding Box (Minor Artifact)
Aura Strong abjuration; CL 20th
Slot none; Weight 5 lbs.

A warding box is a powerful magical container built to obscure
and confound any attempt to locate objects kept inside. The
box can hold one object no larger than 8 inches × 8 inches × 3
inches (or up to 25 pounds) in each of its three compartments
at any one time. The box’s lid and additional compartments
are sealed, but the box can be opened or closed as a full-round
action. While the lid is closed, the warding box and all objects
inside it are protected from all divination spells. In this state,
no divination spell save for those employed by the gods can
detect the warding box or its contents.

A warding box can be destroyed by placing a portable hole inside it,
closing the lid, and then placing the box inside a second portable
hole. This second portable hole must be closed, and then a wish
must be used to switch the two portable holes. Doing so destroys
both portable holes and the warding box along with them.


Warding Box

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