Resplendent Wayfinder

Every member of the Resplendent Lodge's anchor in the Dimension of Dreams


You behold in your hand a compass made of birch wood, inlaid with silver draconic imagery, depicting the magnificent silver dragon, signifying association to the revered Silver Crusade. In actuality, this wayfinder is a Resplendent Wayfinder, meant only for those who are operatives of the Resplendent Lodge.

1. Normally, works like any other compass.

2. Like other wayfinders, it allows the user to cast Light once per day.

3. It can cast Burst of Radiance once per week.

4. It can allow access into the Dimension of Dreams, and with further help, a pocket dream. To activate for personal use, simply hold down on the compass’ center, twist the compass needle 360 degrees, recline as if to sleep, with the wayspinner somewhere on your person. The dream magic embedded within will run its course within a few minutes, putting you into a restful sleep, awaking you just outside the Resplendent Lodge. For a shared experience with a target that is to be infiltrated in a dream pocket, all operatives must sleep within 50 feet of the target, twisting the needles on the wayspinner in the direction of the person they’ve agreed to target. To return yourself or the party to the previous level of dreaming, simply twist turn the needle back 360 degrees to its original state. Read up on dreamspinning for more information.

5. All wayfinders include a small indentation designed to hold a single ioun stone. An ioun stone slotted in this manner grants you its normal benefits as if it were orbiting your head; some ioun stones can grant additional powers once they are fitted into a wayfinder, at the GM’s discretion (source: Inner Sea World Guide pg 299).


Affectionately called wayspinner for short, this device is used to help identify operatives as Silver Crusade and was developed by Cephor Uskind himself. Upon closer inspection by other Silver Crusade operatives, they may suspect a PC’s wayfinder does not work quite like theirs, so caution should be taken in regards to trust.

Resplendent Wayfinder

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