Dream options from OA

Since OA has now released to PRD, I (Ryan) can begin researching what rules have been added to the Pathfinder rules canon.

Dream Council
Dream Scan
Dream Travel
Dream Voyage

The presence of these links do not mean that they are compatible with Resplendence. If I deem them workable, I’ll make that clear and adapt the Dreamspinning rules as necessary.


The Dimension of Dreams in Occult Adventures works in a slightly different, but important way. Instead of Dreamspinning being a trainable skill based on Wisdom, OA uses Charisma checks. The Lucid Dreamer feat from OA gives a bonus to those checks, so if you made the switch to those rules the DCs of what can be achieved by Dreamspinning should change to reflect this.

The biggest difference in OA is that you can enter the Dimensions of Dreams while sleeping (your lucid body) or physically. While this appears to work like we already have it at first glance, while sleeping you can only activate one of your spells/special abilities for each bonus of your Charisma modifier (minimum of 1). You have to enter the Dimensions of Dreams physically to get your full bag of tricks. Plane Shift doesn’t work, however. You have to use the spells Dream Travel and Dream Voyage that you’ve linked above.

It should be noted that none of us have access to these spells with the exception of Cephor, for being a bard. The fact that they’re arcane spells means I can’t read his scrolls either. But even if you don’t decide to move to the new rules, I kind of like the idea that he’s responsible for how ALL of the Resplendant Lodge and our Wayfinders work (which should also be edited, if you make the change).


Dream options from OA

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