Golarion Calendars

How to Read Time
Each month corresponds with earth months, including the number of days. The last two digits in the year correspond to Earth years. 2013 AD (Anno Domini) = 4713 AR (Absalom Reckoning).

The planet of Golarion consists of multiple continents much like that of Earth. The two whose area that have their own calendars are that of the Inner Sea region and the Dragon Empires or Tian Xia. For the sake and ease of understanding, we’ll be primarily focused on the the Inner Sea’s form of telling time, should it come up. This is all further explained in the Inner Sea World Guide.

Inner Sea Days of the Week
DAY -——————————— TASK
Moonday -————————- Work, religion (night)
Toilday -—————————- Work
Wealday -————————— Work
Oathday -————————— Work, pacts signed, oaths sworn
Fireday -—————————- Work, market day
Starday -————————— Work
Sunday -—————————- Rest, religion

Inner Sea Months of the Year
Abadius (January) -—————- Abadar
Calistril (February) -————- Calistra
Pharast (March) -—————— Pharasma
Gozrun (April) -——————— Gozreh
Desnus (May) -———————- Desna
Sarenith (June) -——————- Sarenrae
Eratus (July) -———————— Erastil
Arodus (August) -—————— Aroden
Rova (September) -————— Rovagug
Lamashan (October) -———— Lamashtu
Kuthona (December) -———— Zon-Kuthon

Key Campaign Dates
Wealday, Eratus 10th, 4713 AR – Silver Crusade offers PC’s position in their ranks
Oathday, Eratus 11th, 4713 AR – PC contract signed with Silver Crusade
Starday, Eratus 13th, 4713 AR – First quest (Prologue)

Golarion Calendars

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