Resplendent Lodge

The Resplendent Lodge both represents the physical location existing in the Dimension of Dreams and the organization that secretly works within the Silver Crusade.

The Location
War Room
Dreamspun rooms

Cephor Uskind
Lodge Guards

Cast into the very foundations of the manor are two types of wards emanating throughout:
Zone of Truth
Glyph of Warding

The Organization
Resplendent Lodge membership is comprised of operatives within the Silver Crusade. To the outside world, including fellow Silver Crusade pathfinders, the Resplendent Lodge isn’t so much as hinted at. They carry what may at first appear to be shining wayfinders, but these devices are quite specialized.

Cephor Uskind presides as Venture Lieutenant over the entire operation. His only superior is Venture Captain Ollysta Zadrian, whom disavows any knowledge of the Resplendent Lodge’s existence.

Under Cephor are venture officers, who then preside over teams of operatives. Currently, there are two parties. The identities of members in each party are on need-to-know basis.

The team that is followed in Pathfinder Resplendence is the second to be created. What is currently known about the first party is that the alchemist Emerassi is now a part of it.

Resplendent Lodge

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