Dreamspun room

This is a room within the Resplendent Lodge.

When you’ve selected what you want your room to be, please note it here.

Players’ dreamspun rooms:
Haweeha: A sandstone room from Katapesh, white sheets drape along a large gaping window, with a pool of water in the center and modest wooden furnishings.

Draugnir: Resembles the interior of a gigantic hollowed-out tree. Large incandescent fungus formations protrude for the walls, providing illumination. A thick patch of moss provides a comfortable place to sleep. The walls are intricately carved, depicting serene scenes of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and animals. The furniture in the room, chairs, tables, etc, appear to be natural root formations.

Tengu Ebonwing:


Listing of dreamspun rooms already available:
exhaustive library
greenhouse garden
outdoor sanctuary
archery range
alchemy lab
full kitchen
conference room
chest room
combat chamber

Dreamspun room

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