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Pathfinder Resplendence
A homebrew adventure framed around the Jade Regent Adventure Path following an epic journey of Silver Crusade operatives finding themselves a part of the Resplendent Lodge, a secret task force specializing in shared dream infiltration.

The Story
Our story currently finds the Resplendent Lodge operatives’ escorting their friend in a caravan over the Crown of the World who’s on her way to reclaim her destiny in the far east dragon empire of Minkai. Meanwhile, terrors hunt them along the way.

Player’s Guide
Player’s Guide: All players for this campaign should consult this for initial questions.

Utilize the forum to post questions, discuss character concepts, and more.

i: Interest Building & Expectations
ii: Building Character

Season 1
I: The Resplendent Lodge
II: We Be Goblins!
III: Into the Marsh
IV: On the Trail of Goblins
V: Licktoad
VI: Lessons in Corpulence
VII: Lineage
VIII: The Legacy’s Lure
IX: The Merchant’s Daughter
X: The Enlightened
XI: Brinewall
XII: Upon the Iron Gates
XIII: For Whom the Gong Tolls
XIV: Dire Consequences
XV: Curtain Call
Side Story: Tengu Gaiden – A Bird Can Dream
XVI: Behind Bars
XVII: Silenced
XVIII: Visions of Jade

Season 2
I: Northbound
II: Ill Omens
III: In Search of Suishen
IV: Farming the Farm
V: The Final Rest of Snorri Stone-Eye
VI: Rime and Reason
VII: Guild Drama
VIII: A Record of Wrongs
IX: Den of Thieves
X. A Skorr to Settle
XI. The Deadly Kiss
XII. Sins of Our Fathers
XIII. Forevermore
Epilogue: Suishen Gaiden – The Amatatsu Legacy

Season 3
I: Dominion
II: Vengeful Reckoning
Side Story: Oro Gaiden – The Tale of the Dream Chase
III: The Howling Pagoda
IV: Rough is the Road

Listing of the Player Characters

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Ever-evolving Glossary (to be sorted)
Golarion Calendars
Silver Crusade
Ollysta Zadrian
Dreamspun room

GM research
Dream options from OA

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Listing of the Player Characters
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